recognizing past accomplishments

Recognizing past accomplishments

Almost four years ago I began developing OMP Tools, a Google AdWords and BingAds Software. A lot of time has passed since then, and now I am in the middle of the process of rebuilding our software.

More than ever I feel buried underneath the workload, because it seems like an unsurmantable amount of tasks that need to be done in thousands of different sections.

Previously I could cope with that quite well, but now that I have to manage a development team, I really have to write down exactly what there is to do. Therefor it is necessary to take a step back from the development work, even from using the software, and evaluate what areas need attention.

This makes me realize how much progress I actually made in the past.

I do not want to claim that I created a perfect software, far from it, but there is a strange beauty in analyzing how the ever-changing requirements got stacked together to result in a functioning product. Extended on one side, patched on the other, punched in the guts by a random client request, built up again and duct-taped together. It is kind of like a Tim Burton movie. Nearly every face he uses is ugly as fuck, but if you look at the total picture it all comes together.

It really is like those software development cartoons that you know from the internet. Every single pixel on those is true.

Now it is my time to provide a better guideline for my development team. Something that I did not really do before. I just hope that we can achieve something together. Something that works.

Something that takes reconstruction in a few years time. Something that I can admire. Even though I would never do it the same way again.


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