Habits – my evergrowing list of things I want to do regularly

To build up after my (partly failed) 90-days-challenge, I decided to build up a list of habits, by adding one small item every day.

Rules for my habits

At the end of each day, I am going to check my list, and decide if the day was a success. I need to fulfill at least 80% of the ever-growing list, with no item skipped more than two days in a row. I think of this rule like the “cheat day” in nutrition.

For December of 2017, I try to add one item to my list of habits everyday. So here we go. As I started this new method on December 4th, there is more than one item on this day.

  • Contact someone close to me every day – 08.12.2017
  • Write a new task everyday – 07.12.2017
  • Put away dishes immediately – 06.12.2017
  • Write 300 words – 05.12.2017
  • Go to bed before 11pm – 04.12.2017
  • Work out (running or bodyweight) – 04.12.2017
  • Don’t drink – 04.12.2017

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