Writing my daily 300 words – my favourite device

One of my daily goals is writing 300 words. Every day. Since my restart I managed to do that, with the odd day off in between. I do not publish all of my ramblings, you can thank me for that later 😉 Since I have a lot of devices to my disposal, I wanted to share my thoughts on my favourite machine to write my thoughts down.

Writing on my Surface Pro

I love this computer. I do everything on it, and with its 16 gigs of ram it is quite the powerhouse, especially when talking about an ultra-portable laptop that can be used as a tablet. I use my Surface for most of the coding and management I do, and I love the versatility of this device. Making music, sketches, software, designs or just watching videos is a pleasure.

However, it is not my favourite when it comes to sitting on my throne and typing a lot of words. The keyboard/cover is good, but it lacks balance to create a comfortable writing experience.

Typing on an iPhone

Not much to say. I even use WhatsApp Web because I dread typing in more letters into my phone than I absolutely need.

A few years ago it was quite nice to type there – hello Nokia numberphone SMS, but since you can’t drive drunk and type on a touchscreen without looking at it, this is not the way to go.

How about the Zenbook?

It’s a nice device, and sits well on my lap. The keys and the touchpad are a little flimsy, so I can’t really recommend this too much. It’s also quite heavy for a 13″ laptop.

And the desktop Workstation?

Boy do I love this machine. Pure power, combined with a really nice setup of dual monitors. I love sitting in my home office chair and doing stuff on this computer, but just to write a few thoughts I prefer a more convenient way of typing those words, without the hassle of going into my home office, starting up the computer and create an atmosphere like I am actually working.

My grand finale on how I like to write

I am just typing on my MacBook Air. I bought it like five years ago, so it’s not the best computer you can think of – there is no retina display, just four gigs of ram, and I do not like the operating system. But boy does this baby feel nice to type on. The keyboard, the weight, the trackpad – nothing even comes close to this experience with all the other devices I regularly use.

Okay, I like writing on my MacBook Air.

All my bad feelings against this computer do not weigh up to the great hands-on experience it delivers. I wrote about how much I despise Apple in the past, but there is no way of denying what great products they (used to) produce. Just like there is no way of denying how good Barcelona and Man Shitty play.

It still does not mean that I have to like them.


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