work goals

My work goals

My work goals in the 90-days-challenge consist of two major sets: automating existing structures and building up my new international company.

To achieve these goals, I decided on one major drawback:

I will not start any new project in the next 90 days.

Too often I got caught up in work because taking on too much of it. Inevitably the judgement day will come, when all the work goals come together. I do not want to experience this anymore.

Talking about stuff I want to do, instead of what I don’t want to do:

Company work goals

My company OMP Tools does quite fine, but still I want to optimize a few things to have a calm mind.

  • Automate user management
  • Increase billing flexibility
  • Implement better projectmanagement in my department, the technical side of this company.
  • As an ultimate goal for these steps: everything should run so smooth that I do not have to think about it after work.

As times are changing fast, I also got a few new things on my radar. I know, I just told you that I do not want to start anything new. This is development of the existing company, and very much in my plans.

  • Start the new OMP Tools International GmbH in Switzerland
  • Implement Bing Ads to increase the channel width

Personal work goals

In the personal view there are two points that I want to achieve:

  • Finish – at the moment it is just a really bare version of a blog, and I want to be really proud of it
  • Earn 20€/month with my posts and videos.

The earnings goal is not really high, but I do not want to go crazy here. My goal is to build a little audience, being able to see some small monetary results from that and learn for the future of my content creation.

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