Setbacks – Week #1 Recap

The day the setbacks started

With one week gone into my 90-days-challenge, I got a few things on track, but also experienced some setbacks. After some personal issues on Wednesday night, I got really angry. Although the topic of the discussion was resolved quick and easy, the feeling remained. So, against my better judgement, I ignored the goal of not drinking during the week. Instead I should have taken my Surface and sit down to write the Wednesday recap, as I did the day before. Going to bed angry and drunk was not the best start for the next day, for a couple of reasons.

I felt┬átired, still not in the best mood, and worst of all: I was completely unmotivated to do anything that was not absolutely necessary. Thursday went by, as well as Friday. The weekend started, stuffed with things to do – football match (that we lost), birthday party, recording some vocals for a new song with Tasha, and another football match, which got┬ácanceled.

I fell behind schedule. Too many things were left undone, resulting in the next feelings that I do not want to have anymore: regret, overwhelmed and guilty.

Yeah, feelings can be bad. Especially in my case. The more guilty I feel for things I could not do, the more I procrastinate. The more I procrastinate, the more tasks add up. This is all just a reaction to me not wanting to deal with my shit.

Now it is already Tuesday of week two.

I can still feel the consequences of the setbacks, but I am nearly back on track.

On the plus side, I reduced my smoking to not even one pack during the past four days. Maybe I’ll stop completely, once again. I also got some really nice headphones, because I offered my help in repairing an online shop. The headphones are the Sennheiser PXC 550, on which I will do a review, maybe this week. As soon as I complete my taxes tomorrow morning, get to do some more sports this week, and finish the plan for my employees, I am happy with my progress.

The setbacks will be forgotten. And I will reach my goals in my 90-days-challenge.

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