physical goals

My goals for being healthy and looking good

Another part of my 90 days to improve my life are my physical goals. After letting myself go in the past months, I am not in a bad shape, but I know that I can do better.

Much better.

A few general healthy habits should help me improve without doing anything else, but I want to push myself a little further. Just skipping alcohol on weekdays, reduce smoking and switching to drink tea instead of my fourth cup of coffee in the morning are the first steps. I am really looking forward to that, but there is more works to do to reach my physical goals.

Habits for my physical goals

  • Drink green tea in the morning
  • Gradually reduce smoking
  • Do not drink alcohol during the week, no matter what the occasion – not after football training, not for fun, and not out of boredom.

Just the habits itself are a start – but without workouts and exercise I will not be able to get in a really good shape.

Workout and sports

I play football regularly, this means training two times a week, as well as one match (as long as the coach picks me as his first choice central back). When I started to play for ESV Hatting/Pettnau, I threw up in the first training session. Therefore I really want to improve my running, as well as my strength.

  • Two football trainings a week
  • One football match a week
  • Freeletics Running two times a week
  • Freeletics Bodyweight two times a week

This should get me back on track to be fit and look good as well. It sounds shallow, but I really do care about that.

All these steps together should bring me to my goal – get below 73kg again, and make a killer photoshoot with Aleksandar Koncar Photography afterwards.

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