personal goals

Goals for my personal life

This part will actually be the hardest part. My work goals and my physical goals require a lot of willpower, but they are actions to be ticked off. The personal goals on the other hand are wired deeper. Some of them are the same, but a lot of them are ways of thinking and feeling that I would love to embrace.

So, to make it easier, these are the “tick-off” points of my list.

Personal goals ToDo

  • Book my two free flights that I got from my lovely credit card company and Emirates
  • Implement an appartement schedule. Cleaning, watering plants, and thus improving my habit of living.
  • Make photobooks of the recent past and my holidays in the whole world
  • Practise a fixed morning routine
  • Stop watching series in the evening – and switch to reading books instead
  • Write at least 300 words per day. No matter how shitty the result is – the goal is to get better.

For the harder part, these are my mindset goals:

Ways to think in my personal goals

I want to implement the daily practise, as explained by James Altucher in Choose Yourself!. For those who have not read it, it is a really good book, offering some nice pieces of advice. As usual, I do not take everything literally, especially if American authors write a book like that. Life in Europe is different than in the states. However, the daily practise is a really great mindset. And this will be my hardest challenge to implement.

To start of my day, I created a morning schedule that I want to make my habit. This is to start of the day in a good fashion, as well as contributing to my physical goals.

This is my morning routine

  • Wake up at 06:00
  • Brush teeth, floss, and go to the toilet (yeah, I do that simultaneously)
  • Make some coffee (to be gradually substituted for green tea) and have a smoke on the balcony (to be reduced)
  • Mark up important things for the day
  • Do not use the internet!
  • Put on some nice music
  • Clean eyebrows and my beard
  • Take a shower
  • Moisturize. Not just the face.
  • Style my hair
  • Pick out some nice clothes
  • Go to work

This may sound like an obvious schedule. I just realized in the past months, that if I do not start my day in a good fashion, the day is lost. Sitting in my throne and watching at my smartphone before setting up my day makes me lazy. Not looking the best that I can makes me feel bad. So I want to create the habit of taking care of these things first thing in the morning – and build on that in the following hours.


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