Anger – Week #4 Recap

I should be really happy right now. My plan shows good progress, I am exercising regularly, working on my company, getting my flat on the front foot, and I live a lot healthier. Right now I just feel anger. This is really unsettling, because it is just a minor thing that put me off, just two hours ago.

Finish work on time

It’s all my fault. I was working on some compliance stuff for Google. I got into a good groove and worked late, and I forgot that I illegally parked my car in the supermarkets underground garage. When I wanted to drive home and go for a run, The doors were shut. So the chain of errors, from parking there in the first place, not driving away after I brought the packages into the office, spending too much time on unimportant stuff to working late to get everything done – that’s all on my side.

I should really get into a work schedule that has a set starting and ending time. This will be this and next weeks goal.

Why do I feel the anger?

This is really unsettling. Yeah, it’s bad that I had to drive home by bus and skip workout due to the time lost, but it should just be an inconvenience. I am angry right now. I can feel the anger throughout my body. There has to be more to it than just not having my car for the night. The emotions that are unravelling at this very moment make me think about the underlying reasons. I need to get to the root of the problems that cause this eruption at the first chance of exploiting a small unsettlement. This is going to be a rough ride.

The last week

Beside the anger i feel right now, the last week went really well. As i mentioned, I am on a good way on all of my goals, and there is more – just yesterday I finalised the registration of a new company in Switzerland. Things are going really well, we are just negotiating with Microsoft and Google for future deals. The future looks good in this area.

It was also the first time that I played an Escape Room Game.
I like those puzzles. At first I was not convinced, but the thrill of time pressure and solving puzzles got to me. I hope to do more of these games in the future 🙂

The next steps

My main goals for the next days are getting to know why I am so unsettled. That’s the personal side. On the business side, I need to finish the Microsoft connection this week, as well as sorting out the future development plans.
Working out needs some serious investment this week – the trip to Switzerland and todays adventures require my schedule to be done in four days instead of seven. Tomorrow I will do my run before work. Football training in the evening, and I have to find time to fit three bodyweight workouts into the last four days of this week.

It’s time to get going. I really need to get to the root of my problems.

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