Accomplishments – Month #2 Update

This is a hard post to write. Especially because of the headline. Accomplishments. Even though I have to admit that I did not follow through on a lot of the stuff that I actually intended to do.

What happened since October 4th

I neglected a lot of my goals. I did not care about eating, working out, not drinking, writing and my flat at all. To my excuse, I had a really big focus on my goals in my work, which are now accomplished. Nevertheless, I should not take away everything from my other goals only to get one area cleaned up.

So what were my accomplishments?

I managed to finally get the programming help I need so desperately. After more than five months of searching for developers here in Austria, I decided to give offshoring a try. It was a lot of work to set that up. Really a lot of work. Every little detail needs to be explained in a thousand little details. The destination of my choice was India. Now I have a great team there, and after some initial struggle we work quite fine. It is not the same as having your team around you all the time, but I absolutely love the situation right now.

I can write down tasks, go to bed, and when I wake up there are people working on that.

What surprised me was the fact that India is just 4,5 hours away from us in terms of time zones. This gives me windows of opportunities to talk to my developers and the people managing them.

The only thing that I need to take care of now is avoiding to get a fake Austrian-English-Indian accent. Thanks to Big Bang Theory this is just soo tempting.

What did I do?

While I was setting up the project in India, I was really busy developing my software. Just this week, we launched the new version – we can now support Bing Ads as well as Google AdWords. I did a job of three man-months in just about three weeks. That’s what I am capable of when I am focused.

So what does the future bring?

Now it is time to settle back on the work stuff. The next few weeks will be focused on my other goals again – it is not long until I have to reveal my final results. All together I am on track – but I really need to step up my goals towards my habits. Everything that has single tasks to it went great, the habit building was not that good. I hope to count that towards my accomplishments in our next updates 🙂

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