a few more steps

A few more steps – Week #3 Recap

I am writing this, sitting in my throne, fresh out of the shower. A few more steps, quite literally – I just got back from my fresh start of my freeletics workout.

A few more steps – a few months later

From spring to summer I tried to build the habit of working out again. So, essentially the same as I do now.

One year ago I stopped. Not because I did not want to go to the gym anymore. I had a three good gym buddies, and we went there three to five times a week. When we did not go to the gym, we had football practise or match. I was in good shape.

I stopped because of bad personal and work habits. I promised the owner of the gym to write a software for her new training course. Which I started, but did not finish before I left for Indonesia with my band. When I returned, I did not want to go to the gym before I had the software ready, which took too long – longer than it took to break my habit.

A few more steps – right now

After a few times trying to start again, I am at it again. It is part of my plan for this 90 days. Failure is not an option.

When I started football training for my new club in summer, I was really bad. So bad that I puked in the first session.

I want to be fit and healthy again. Looking good comes as a welcome bonus. I have to pause football for one week due to a minor injury I received in the last match, so these two sessions are cancelled for this week, which leaves me with three bodyweight and two running workouts. My current schedule is:

  • Monday: Running and Workout
  • Tuesday: Football
  • Wednesday: Running and Workout
  • Thursday: Football
  • Friday: break
  • Saturday: Football Match
  • Sunday: Workout

What I did the last week

After clearing out, I managed to get some decent progress last week. I did not drink or smoke, not even on the weekend at football and birthday parties. Work is going well, and I also managed to get up earlier again.

I hope to get up early this week. The last time I tried to keep this schedule up, I got really tired. Maybe it was just too much at once – let’s try again – a few more steps 🙂


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