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Review and Restart

Exactly 90 days ago I set out to my 90-days-challenge. Now, it is time to review some results. And restart. Review I was doing quite okay, but I was cut short, thrown off my tracks, at the beginning of November. I noticed a strange mole, and within two hours of visiting the doctor the next […]


Anger – Week #4 Recap

I should be really happy right now. My plan shows good progress, I am exercising regularly, working on my company, getting my flat on the front foot, and I live a lot healthier. Right now I just feel anger. This is really unsettling, because it is just a minor thing that put me off, just […]

clearing out my closet

Clearing out – Week #2 Recap

That is better. I still struggle to being as productive as I want to be, but I’m getting there. Clearing out has already helped me a lot. Symbolized by working through my closet, I also made a few changes in my work environment, as well as planning to radically continue this process. Clearing out my […]


Setbacks – Week #1 Recap

The day the setbacks started With one week gone into my 90-days-challenge, I got a few things on track, but also experienced some setbacks. After some personal issues on Wednesday night, I got really angry. Although the topic of the discussion was resolved quick and easy, the feeling remained. So, against my better judgement, I […]

financial goals

My financial goals

When defining financial goals, it is really hard not to just write about dreams about a careless future. I do not want to do that – I just want to have more control over my financial situation. A few easy steps should clean out my expenses, and following my 90-days-challengeĀ I should quite easily achive my […]