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Coinbase – what should I do with my Bitcoin

Last week I remembered that I had a small amount of Bitcoin saved on an old computer. Luckily, I found them. I got some more on Coinbase, but it is dow right now, after skyrocketing today. There was a plus of 30% on the price, and as I checked again later, the price was up another 3000€ at 16000 something. I was not sure what to do, but Coinbase took the decision away from me. It is down.

What should I do with my Bitcoin investment?

To be fair, the invested sum is not that high, so I do not really care about losing it.  I am thinking about selling Bitcoin worth the amount invested plus some 50%, and keeping the rest in cryptocurrency. That would be 85% of my current holdings.

Yes, I am about 800% in the good. Nice stuff.

Why did I have Bitcoin on my old computer?

A few years ago a company started to offer Cryptocurrencies in tobacco stores in Austria. So, from time to time I bought a coupon and retrieved it. Now I wish I would have been more thorough with that strategy. This is not the only reason I am working hard on improving myself. My visits to the tobacco stores were quite regularly, so converting some 20€ a month to Bitcoin would be a great benefit now.

As I am a lazy and easily distracted person, I did not follow through, and as a result I do not have as much in my wallet as I could have had with persistence.

What do I do now?

As I mentioned, I will take out a little bit of my current holdings, to recoup me for the fiat money I actually invested plus some interest. I will keep the rest encrypted, and just see where it goes. As long as the trend is good, I will buy a Bitcoin for a few Euros each month, to create a regular investment. Yeah – that’s where I am going to put the money that I save from not smoking anymore 🙂

In numbers, I will now put 35€ a week into cryptocurrencies. For the start I am going with 25€ for BTC, 5 for LTC and 5 for Ethereum.

Maybe it is money thrown out the window. As it would be if I spent it for cigarettes.

Let’s hope for the best 🙂

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