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I really loved for a long time. Posted regularly for years, and I really enjoyed the underground vibe of the internet that this local tumblr-clone provided.
One year ago however, was not available for a few weeks after their system crashed. Crashed really bad. After a few days without any notice, they posted this messageย that they lost 2 years worth of data. Okay, it’s a free service, but the thought about how many hours I spent on the site, just to find out that they make a backup every other year put me off.

Why did I use in the first place?

It was my very first microblogging platform. And actually the only one that I used on a regular basis. 8 years ago, on May 19th 2010 I posted my first picture on It was a quite disturbing image of a girl covered in pink jello with a chainsaw:

the first real post on my

From posting random images (yes, I was funny back then, and try scrolling back that far) to theming my soup to images of football, cats, girls and fun, I kept going for years, all the time ignoring the growing polish influence on posts I saw and did not understand. was part of my daily routine. Scrolling through my friends list, and of course the friends of my friends, I learned about current events by seeing memes posted on It was better than a news site – I just saw what people in my circle were interested in, instead of generic news posted by media companies.

What went wrong with

In January 2017, in the happy times when I came together with my girlfriend Lisa, broke down, and lost all the data of the past 2 years, and I decided that I did not want to continue posting as a result of the past 2 years being gone.

Looking back at my own soup always provided me with a reminder of how I felt in this particular time, and I felt like 2 years of this development went AWOL.

Why did I change my mind again?

Browsing through the depths of the internet, a thing I do on a regular basis (and the thing that I get paid for), I kind of felt the urge to protocol the things I like. I really miss browsing through my own favourites of some certain time periods – seeing what I liked in these particular times really reminds me of how I felt about the world back then.

And showing others what I find funny is fun too, and the deeper stuff can be found here on ๐Ÿ™‚

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