12 tips for your trip to Iceland

This was the third time I’ve been to Iceland. I love this country. The impeccable beauty, astounding environment and elusive variety of this small nearly arctic island take my breath away, every single time. But with all the bliss you can enjoy while visiting Iceland, there are a few pits you could fall into. If […]

soup.fischi.cc – back again on soup.io

I really loved soup.io for a long time. Posted regularly for years, and I really enjoyed the underground vibe of the internet that this local tumblr-clone provided. One year ago however, soup.io was not available for a few weeks after their system crashed. Crashed really bad. After a few days without any notice, they posted […]

This is going to be one hell of a post

I am not talking about this one. This one is just a quick update. Between Christmas and now I did not do a lot of things, just some maintainance and enjoying life. Still, I worked out and got some cool things done, but nothing worth mentioning at this time. I spent a few free days […]

Bitcoin on Coinbase

Coinbase – what should I do with my Bitcoin

Last week I remembered that I had a small amount of Bitcoin saved on an old computer. Luckily, I found them. I got some more on Coinbase, but it is dow right now, after skyrocketing today. There was a plus of 30% on the price, and as I checked again later, the price was up […]

recognizing past accomplishments

Recognizing past accomplishments

Almost four years ago I began developing OMP Tools, a Google AdWords and BingAds Software. A lot of time has passed since then, and now I am in the middle of the process of rebuilding our software. More than ever I feel buried underneath the workload, because it seems like an unsurmantable amount of tasks […]


Review and Restart

Exactly 90 days ago I set out to my 90-days-challenge. Now, it is time to review some results. And restart. Review I was doing quite okay, but I was cut short, thrown off my tracks, at the beginning of November. I noticed a strange mole, and within two hours of visiting the doctor the next […]


Anger – Week #4 Recap

I should be really happy right now. My plan shows good progress, I am exercising regularly, working on my company, getting my flat on the front foot, and I live a lot healthier. Right now I just feel anger. This is really unsettling, because it is just a minor thing that put me off, just […]