clearing out my closet

Clearing out – Week #2 Recap

That is better. I still struggle to being as productive as I want to be, but I’m getting there. Clearing out has already helped me a lot. Symbolized by working through my closet, I also made a few changes in my work environment, as well as planning to radically continue this process. Clearing out my […]


Setbacks – Week #1 Recap

The day the setbacks started With one week gone into my 90-days-challenge, I got a few things on track, but also experienced some setbacks. After some personal issues on Wednesday night, I got really angry. Although the topic of the discussion was resolved quick and easy, the feeling remained. So, against my better judgement, I […]

Opel Adam S 33333km

33333km in my Opel Adam S

I bought my new car, a Opel Adam S, last year, after my first car needed more oil than gas. At first I wanted to get a big car, but the small and cool look of the Adam made me change my intentions. Adding a lot of extras and some good power, this is the […]

day 2

Recap – Day 2

So, this is the second day. Waking up was quite a hard thing to do today, but the next steps worked out quite well – I think I can really stick to my morning schedule. After arriving at work, my day consisted of planning and axploring to be prepared for my talk with Microsoft/Bing Ads. […]

Recap – Day 1

Day 1 started not the way it should have been. I really have to implement a system to practise my morning routine when I am not at home – especially at my girlfriends place. After starting slow, work went well, making some negotiations and progress for my work goals, I went home to work on […]

financial goals

My financial goals

When defining financial goals, it is really hard not to just write about dreams about a careless future. I do not want to do that – I just want to have more control over my financial situation. A few easy steps should clean out my expenses, and following my 90-days-challengeĀ I should quite easily achive my […]

physical goals

My goals for being healthy and looking good

Another part of my 90 days to improve my life are my physical goals. After letting myself go in the past months, I am not in a bad shape, but I know that I can do better. Much better. A few general healthy habits should help me improve without doing anything else, but I want […]